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Geography of Natural Law Scholars

This page provides a complete overview of all profiles, arranged according to geographical region and institutional affiliation. The page consists of three layers; (1) Europe divided into regions; (2) a list of universities and other learned institutions within the selected region; (3) a list of natural law scholars, who were affiliated with the university or learned institution selected.

Please note that only those regions, universities and profiles where bio-bibliographical data have been compiled are activated.

Layer 1: Geographical Region


Modern-day States

The Alpine Region

Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

The Baltic and Nordic Region

Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden

The British Isles

Ireland, United Kingdom

The Benelux Region

Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands

The French Region


The German Region


The Iberian Peninsula

Portugal, Spain

The Italic Peninsula


The Central and East European Region

Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine

Beyond Europe

Mikkel Munthe Jensen, Last Update:  13.06.2024