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Barbeyrac, Jean (* 1674.03.15 † 1744.05.03)
Barbeyrac, Jean (* 1674.03.15 † 1744.05.03)

Barbeyrac, Jean (* 1674.03.15 † 1744.05.03)

Basic Overview Data

1674.03.15, Béziers
1744.05.03, Groningen
Protestant, Calvinist (Huguenot)
Institutional Affiliation
Collège Francais (Berlin),
Academy of Lausanne (Académie de Lausanne),
University of Groningen
Keyword Filters
history of international relations, moral philosophy, tolerance, right of resistence, Huguenot
Important Family Relations:
Father, Antoine Barbeyrac (1630 - 1690.01.12), Reformed pastor(Previous the Revocation pastor in Béziers and Montagnac, 1685 refugee in Lausanne where he died)
Mother, Madeleine Gelly (? - 1691.11.15), Housewife(Died in Lausanne)
Wife, Hélène Chauvin (1674 - 1730.08.7), (Barbeyrac and Hélène Chauvin married in Berlin 1702.03.01. Hélène died in Groningen)
Father-in-law, Etienne Chauvin (1640-4-17 - 1725-4-6), Reformed pastor, professor of philosophy(He was also colleague of Barbeyrac at the Collège Francais in Berlin, where Chauvin was professor of philosophy)


Jean Barbeyrac was born on March 15, 1674 in Béziers (Provence), where his father Antoine had been a reformed pastor for almost 20 years. In 1678 the family moved to nearby Montagnac (home of Jean's mother, Madeleine Gelly), where Jean received his first education from a private tutor, an education that continued in Montpellier under the guidance of his uncle, Charles Barbeyrac, a doctor. Upon the revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685), Antoine chose the path of exile in Switzerland, in Lausanne, but he could take with him only his youngest son, Jacques, 4 years old. It was not until January 1686 that Jean was able to join his parents in Lausanne, where he first studied at the Collège, then from May 2, 1688 at the Académie. He also attended the private lectures on Pufendorf of the very young Cartesian Jean-Pierre de Crousaz. In 1693 he enrolled in the faculty of theology of the Academy of Geneva, but he remained there only a few months, because the Conseil of Lausanne urged the Barbeyrac orphans (Antoine had died in January 1690 and his wife in November 1691), who relied on public assistance, to leave the city. They left in September 1693 bound for Berlin. In 1694 Jean was a student at the University of Frankfurt an der Oder, where he attended courses at various faculties. On January 1, 1697 he was appointed Régent of the second class of the Collège Français in Berlin. His attempt to become a pastor foundered on the opposition of the Consistorium of the French Church of Berlin which accused him of heterodox opinions and even of Socinianism. Barbeyrac then devoted himself solely to scholarship, translating Pufendorf's works on natural law into French and commenting on them and writing the Traité du jeu (1709). His knowledge of the works of Jean Leclerc, of whom he can be considered a disciple, and of John Locke, as well as the first evidence of collaboration with an erudite newspaper, the Nouveau Journal des Savants of the theologian and philosopher Etienne Chauvin, his colleague at the Collège and future father-in-law, also dates back to Berlin. On October 6, 1710 Barbeyrac left Berlin with his wife Hélène Chauvin to return to Lausanne, by whose Académie he had been called to the chair of law and history. On March 19, 1711 he was installed there as a professor. The main academic work to which he devoted himself in Lausanne is the translation of the main work of Grotius. In March 1717 he received a call from Groningen university for the chair of public and private law, for which he needed the title of doctor utriusque iuris, which was granted to him in absentia by the University of Basel on May 25, 1717.

In Groningen Barbeyrac dedicated himself to a new edition of the Latin text of Grotius' De iure and finished his translation. From 1728 he was one of the principal editors and collaborators of the literary magazine Bibliothèque raisonnée des ouvrages des savants. In the same year his Traité de la Morale des Pères appeared. In 1739 the Histoire des Anciens Traitez: his most voluminous work. With the translation Cumberland's work on natural law, published the year of his death on May 3, 1744, the circle of our author´s production is closed. Of his six children (of whom only four are documented), only two reached adulthood and none survived him. The fortune he accumulated in Groningen went to his only heir, his nine-year-old granddaughter Henriette-Hélène Brunet, child of his daughter Esther.

Comment on main natural law works:

Barbeyrac is rightly famous for his French translations of the natural law treatises of Pufendorf, Grotius and Cumberland. In fact, it is not a question of simple translations, but of translations that are interpretations and corrections of the text at the same time, to which are added detailed commentaries, full of quotations from classical and contemporary authors, and of the translator's positions on the topics covered. Thus, many notes are equivalent to long original articles. In the case of Pufendorf, Barbeyrac´s great merit is to have tried, often successfully, to explain the author with the author, using widely Pufendorf´s polemical writings. In the case of Grotius, he also provided the best critical edition of the Latin text ever published, on which he then based his translation. Barbeyrac's introduction to Pufendorf´s translation is one of the best examples of the "history of natural law" genre in fashion in the early 18th century. There, the destructive criticism of the morals of the church fathers caused a scandal. In his Traité de la Morale des Pères de l´église (1728) - in which he replies to the criticisms that his interpretation of the church fathers had met with - the remarkable chap. 12 exposes his theory of civil and ecclesiastical tolerance. This goes far beyond Locke´s theory of tolerance, by arguing for the toleration of even atheists. Barbeyrac’s defence against Leibniz's criticisms of Pufendorf is noteworthy, even if Barbeyrac, persuasively explaining the foundation of moral obligation in Pufendorf, unconsciously highlights its deficiencies as well. Apart from his great merits as a translator, Barbeyrac achieves his best results in shorter essays, such as his academic orations, his defence of Pufendorf, certain notes on Pufendorf and Grotius as well as the eulogy of his hero Jean Leclerc. When he writes a treatise in his own way, like the one on gambling, he becomes so expansive and talkative that he is endlessly boring. This at least is the impression of those who read the treatise as a work of natural law. Much more positive is the opinion of the experts on political economy, who recently discovered in Barbeyrac´s treatise on gambling a fundamental contribution "to the theory of games and therefore indirectly to the theory of rational choice, two pillars of modern price theory." (P. Bridel, p. 81).

Comment on profile’s conception of natural law:

Barbeyrac is a moralist, not only in the sense that moral philosophy is at the centre of his philosophical reflections, but in the sense that he gladly moralizes, so much that we often have the unpleasant impression of being preached at. He launches the discipline of natural law on a sentimentalist path, in which common sense and the voice of conscience play a fundamental role. Convinced of the capacity of reason to reach true conclusions and of the reasonableness of the Christian religion, Barbeyrac made Bayle's Pyrrhonism and fideism his great bugbear and enemy. Marked throughout his life by his personal experiences of political and religious intolerance, he upheld the right of resistance against the sovereign and the subordination of religious authority to political sovereignty. In this, but only in this, is he a good disciple of Pufendorf.

Academic Data


1686 - 1688.05.02, Greek, Latin, and philosophy, Collège de Lausanne
1688.05.02 - 1693.02.28, Greek, moral, philosophy, Hebrew, catechesis, and theology, Academy de Lausanne[David Constant, Jeremy Sterky, Samuel Girard des Bergeries, Georg Polier de Vernand, Jérémie Currit.] (Barbeyrac also attended the private lectures on Pufendorf´s De officio of the Cartesian Jean-Pierre de Crouzas)
1693.06.1 - 1693.09.11, Theology, Academy of Geneva[Louis Tronchin, Bénédict Calendrini, Bénédict Pictet]
1694.04.24 - 1694, Theology, philosophy, and law, University of Frankfurt (Oder)[Samuel Strimesius, Heinrich von Cocceji, Tido Heinrich von der Lith, Arnold Wesenfeld, Samuel Stryk, Johann Christoph Becmann, Philipp Buchius, Johann Simon, Johann Risselmann, Bernhard Albinus] (Studied until the end of the 1694)


1717.05.25, Doctor of law (utriusque iuris), University of Basel [Johann Jacob Battier] (In absentia)


1717.05.31 - 1717.08.12, Switzerland (Geneva 1717.05.31 - 1717.06.08), France (Paris - ), The Netherlands (Amsterdam - ) (The travel ended in Groningen, where he arrived on 1717.08.12)
1723.06 - 1723.09.30, Germany (Berlin - ) (Barbeyrac made a trip Groningen-Berlin-Groningen to visit his family in Berlin)


1696.12.24-1710.10.xx: Classical languages, Collège Francais
1711.03.19-1717.04.30: Natural law and history, public and private lecture courses, Academy of Lausanne (Taught courses on Pufendorf)
1717.09.29-1744.05.03: Public and private law, public and private lecture courses, University of Groningen, Faculty of Law (Taught courses on Pufendorf and Grotius)

Professional Data


1696.12.24 - 1710.09.30, Régent of the second class, Collège Francais (The lowest class was the sixth, the highest was the first above which was the philosophy course)
1711.03.19 - 1717.04.30, Professor of natural law and history, Academy of Lausanne (He resigned from his professorship)
1717.09.29 - 1744.05.03, Professor of public and private law, University of Groningen, Faculty of law

Titles, Memberships and Other Relevant Roles

1713.06.07 - 1744.01.24, Absent Member, Academy of Sciences, Berlin
1744.01.24 - 1744.05.03, Foreign Member, Academy of Sciences, Berlin
1714.01.23 - 1717.02.01, Rector, Academy of Lausanne, Lausanne
1720.09.01 - 1721.09.04, Rector, University of Groningen, Groningen
1726 - 1727, Rector, University of Groningen, Groningen
1733 - 1734, Rector, University of Groningen, Groningen

Printed Sources


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Periodica and Compiled Works:

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Troisième année, Novembre et Decembre 1698 (Berlin: Rudiger, 1698): Article VI "Joannis Jensii Lectiones Lucianeae, Hagae-Com. 1698 [review by J. Barbeyrac], pp. 522-543: Digital version

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Many anonymous articles in this journal are by J.B.: see the list in Meylan, pp. 247-248, in Lagarrigue and in: Lumières.Lausanne, projet "Correspondance Barbeyrac (1702-1743)", Université de Lausanne: Digital version [version of 29 may 2017].

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    [According to Meylan J.B. is the anonymous author of some articles in this two volumes].

Nouvelle Bibliothèque ou Histoire littéraire des principaux escrits qui se publient, vol. XIX (La Haye: Gosse le fils, 1744).
    [The articles 4, 9, 10 are posthumous articles by J.B.].

Ego-Documents and Biographical Materials:

Mémoire sur la vie et sur les écrits de M. Jean de Barbeyrac, écrit par lui-même in "Nouvelle Bibliothèque ou Histoire littéraire des principaux écrits qui se publient", vol. XIX (1744), art. XI, pp. 271-304, repr. in J. Barbeyrac: Ecrits de droit et de morale, (ed.) Simon Goyard-Fabre (Paris: Centre de Philosophie du droit,1996), pp. 81-92.

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Catalogus Manuscriptorum ineditorum Viri Celeberrimi Jo. Barbeirac in Academia Groningana Publici Privatique Juris Professoris, adjunctis aliunde nonnullis aliis Manuscriptis... Publica ...distractio fiet Die Lunae 2 September. et seqq. 1754, (Den Haag: Hondt, 1754): Digital version

Manuscript Sources


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Ego-Documents and Biographical Materials:

Dossier of the inquisition about Barbeyrac´s alleged heterodoxy (1699-1701): [Berlin, Geheimes Statsarchiv: I HA rep. 122, 7a I, 5] (s. Palladini, Die Berliner Hugenotten).

Histoire de la Conduite du Consistoire à mon égard, 1699: [Paris, Bibliothèque de l´Histoire du Protestantisme Francais: Ms 295].

Entry in the Album amicorum of Johann Jacob Laemmermann (Lausanne, 1712-10-12): [Berlin, Staatsbibliothek: Slg. Darmstaedter 2h 1710: Barbeyrac, Jean].

Latine Autobiography in three different versions , 1739: [Paris, Bibliothèque de l´Histoire du Protestantisme Francais: Ms 295], publ. in Gerdes. German translation in Rathlef. French translation in Nouvelle Bibliotheque and in Goyard-Fabre.

Direct Personal Connections:

1686\..-../1693, Jean-Pierre de Crousaz, Lausanne [Teacher of Barbeyrac]
1693\..-../1710, Christian Thomasius, Berlin [Barbeyrac says that he knew Thomasius personally and corresponded with him, but the correspondence is lost.]
1710\..-../1716, Charles Gauillaume Loys de Bochat, Lausanne [Loys de Bochat was a studend of Barbeyrac, who succeeded him in Lausanne]
1710\..-../1716, Louis Bourguet, Lausanne [Friend and correspondent of Barbeyrac]

Epistolary Connections:

May/June 1702, John Locke,
Mikkel Munthe Jensen, Last Update:  24.04.2024